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We  wish  you  a  very  happy  and  prosperous
Sinahala  /  Hindu  New  Year
Suba  Aluth  Avuruddak  Way-wa !
Puthandu  Vaalthukal !

2005 Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Neketh

Auspicious  times  for  2005  Sinhala  Avurudu  rituals

Song 1 : Kohoo kohoo - Sanath Nandasiri & Sujatha Aththanayake

Song 2 : Beddapura Sudu - Piyasiri Wijeratne & Amitha Wedisinghe

Song 3 : Mal Gomu Gomu - Amaradeva

Song 4 : Sinhala Awurudu - Amaradeva

Song 5 : May Awurudu - Lionel Ranwala & Indeewari Ariyasinghe

Sinhala & Tamil New Year Supplement from Daily News (14.04.2005)


Jathika  Hela  Urumaya

Mysterious Sudden Passing Away of The Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera


Amarasara  Classified  Ads
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Sabaragamuwa Development Bank Web Site - By Amarasara [<WEB>]


To interchange your ideas with others through a healthy dialogue

There are number of Forums in "Amarasara Forums". They are all topical and useful. First you have to register with a Username and a Password - (1) to Post New Topics (2) to Reply to Topics (3) to Delete your Post (4) to Edit your Post - in those Forums. To Register : Enter Amarasara Forums => Click Register => Fill the form with a Username (Your first name) and a Password (and also your Email address). No Registration required to access Amarasara Forums. For further information please see "Help" in Amarasara Forums.  Email  :
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9.0 Tsunami Disaster 2004

TAFREN - Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation

TAFREN - Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation
One of the three task forces set up by the president. It was formed to ensure the smooth progress on the reconstruction and rehabilitation work in the Tsunami affected areas.

TAFREN is entrusted with rebuilding and reconstructing infrastructure in the following key areas of the Tsunami affected regions :
[Health Services] [Education] [Power and Energy] [Roads & Bridges] [Railways] [Water Supply and Drainage] [Posts and Telecommunications] [Tourism] [Housing, Urban Development and Environment] [Finance and Insurance] [Fisheries and Ports] [Donor/NGO/Civil Society Coordination]

Health Sector Response - Sri Lanka

Tsunami Information Management Centre - Sri Lanka Tourism

Worldwide Earthquake Activity in the Last Seven Days
- from USGS Earthquake Hazards Program [ WEB ]

Earthquake List Only (Printer Friendly Version) [ WEB ]

Magnitude 9.0 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA - 26.12.2004 at 00:58:53 UTC

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Hawaii, USA

NOAA and The Indian Ocean Tsunami

International Tsunami Information Center (Hawaii, USA) [WEB]

Indian Ocen Tsunami Weather Support (from NOAA/ National Weather Service) [WEB]

_ Please  Help  ! _
We appeal to the world community to help Sri Lanka at this most critical juncture in its history

SriLanka  Tsunami  Victims  Relief  Fund
Online donations for the Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka through the Prime Minister's Office of the Government of Sri Lanka


Central Bank introduces system for electronic remittance of donations

Tsunami Disaster - A website from The University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka

Tsunami-Lanka  Websites
Tsunami 9.0 Web Portal from e-fusion

Tsunami Photo Gallery 1 - from SinhalaNet

Tsunami Photo Gallery 2 - from SinhalaNet


-  From  Sabaragamuwa  Development  Bank
A Loan Scheme by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to assist restarting of micro, small & medium enterprises affected by Tsunami


News  >  Sri  Lanka

  LankaPage   ColomboPage
  Lanka  Academic   SPUR - News
  Infolanka  News   Asian  Tribune
  Sri  Lanka  Army  News  Centre
  Amarasara  Newsroom
  MulPituwa - Sri Lankan News - News
  News  Wire  -  English
  News  Wire  -  Sinhala
  News  Wire  -  Tamil
  TV - Radio - NewsPapers
  Search  Lanka  News
  On Demand News (English) from SLBC (Audio - MP3)

  ITN  Sri  Lanka  (TV)  News
  Sri  Lanka  Rupavahini  (TV)  News

  Peace  in  Sri  Lanka  
  Sri  Lanka  Government  News
  BBC  Sinhala  (Sandeshaya)

  Lak  Handa  

Lakbima  (Sinhala)  >  Cartoon


Live  Radio / TV  >  Sri  Lanka

  SLBC - City FM (Live)
  SLBC - Tamil National Service (Live)
  SIRASA  FM  Radio :  Sinhala  News
(07.00, 12.30, 18.30, 22.00)  +0600
Current News - Breakfast News - Previous News
  SIRASA  TV  -  Current  News
  SHAKTHI  TV  -  Current  News
  MTV TV  -  Current  News
  SRI  FM  Radio  :  Sinhala  News
At (06.30, 12.00, 18.30)  + 0600
  TNL  Radio   Lite  89.2  Radio
TNL  NEWS  -  Every  hour,  on  the
hour,  from  0700  to  2200  (+ 0600)
  Radio / TV  >  Sri  Lanka  (More ...)

TV & Radio Programme Schedule, Sri Lanka

[Rupavahini]  .  [Channel Eye]  .  [ITN]



About  Sri  Lanka

  From  TradeNet  -  Sri  Lanka
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs - S.Lanka
  The  Virtual  Library  of  Sri  Lanka
  Lonely  Planet  World  Guide
  Library  of  Congress,  USA
  CIA  -  The  World  Factbook
  Consular  Information  Sheet  -
U.S.  Dept.  of  State
  Columbia  Encyclopedia

  Concise  Mahavamsa
by  Ruwan  Rajapakse
  Lakdiva - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean
  The  True  History  of  Sri  Lanka
  Voice  of  Sinhela

  Yahoo  Images  >  Sri  Lanka

Sri  Lanka  Maps

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Map 4

Map 5

Map 6


  Digital  Internet  Map  of  Sri  Lanka
(Sinhala - English)
  Digital  Internet  Map  of  Colombo
(From  hot-maps)

Artistes  and
Prominent  Personalities
of  Sri Lanka


Sinhala  Songs

  Amara  Sara  Arana
  The  List  of  Artistes  in  "Sinhala  Juke  Box"  -  From  Amarasara
(over  9500  tracks)
  Miyuru  Gee   LAcNet  Music
  Helagee  Piyasa  Music
  Gamini's  Sinhala  Songs  Collection

Radio  Ridma
From  Paris

[Web Site]

Srawana  Radio
From  Paris

[Web Site]

L.  A.  Baila  Radio
[Channel 1]  .  [Channel 2]

[Web Site]

Nilwala  Radio
[- Real -] . [- Win Media -]

[Web Site]

Radio 94
[- WEB -]

Quality =>

AM (Slow Dial-up)
FM (Good Dial-up)
CD (ADSL & Bro.B)

Colombo Calling  - from

RASA FM  - from Sydney, Australia

Sinhala Songs from :  ShopO3  Radio





100 K

100 K

100 K

100 K

32 K

32 K

32 K

32 K

Sinhala  Songs  >  Lyrics

  Lyrics  from  Sinhala  JukeBox
  Dumidus Sinhala Music NetWork
--- [ Web 1 ] - - [ Web 2 ] --- [ Web 3 ]
  Sinhala Songs by Sriyantha Perera

Video  Movies  >  Sri  Lanka

  Torana  Video  Movies  from  M-Entertainment
Sri  TV  Magazine  (Video - Win Media)  -  from  Australia

Fun  at  Lankatown



Official  Websites  of
Sri  Lankan  Artistes

  Wasantha Dukganarala
  Keerthi Pasquel
  Mahagama Sekera
  Lionel Wendt Gallery
  National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka
  Lional Ranwala Folk Arts Foundation
  Sarasaviya  Film  Festival
  Ranjan  Ramanayaka
  Lester  &  Sumitra
  Martin  Wickramasinghe
  Irangani  Serasinghe
  Clarence - Indrani - Annesley
Original  Pop  Trio
  Marizelle  Goonetilleke
  Chandana  Wickremasinghe
Sri  Lankan  Dancer
  Yashoda  Wimaladharma
  Bathiya  &  Santhush

Sinhala  Language

  Sinhala  Bhasha-ve  Anaagathaya
- Prof. J. B. Dissanayake
  Let's  Speak  Sinhala

Amara  Kavi  (Sinhala)


Your  Health

  SriLankaHealth.Com - Sri Lanka
Diagnosing and treating yourself, your common medical problems before seeing your doctor. All programs were designed, developed and tested by Dr. Ananda Perera MD. (Family Medicine Specialist)
  eConsultation  Services - Sri Lanka  -  Sri  Lanka
  Cancer  Healing  from  Sri  Lanka
  Treatment  for  Leukemia
Leukemia can be cured by Sri Lankan indigenous medicine without (Bone Marrow) Transplant.
  Hospitals  &  Nursing  Homes  in
Greater  Colombo

  Web  MD   BBC  Health
  Reuters  Health  
  Google  Web  Directory  >  Health
  Medical  Journals

  Healthfinder - Your guide to reliable health information from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  MEDLINEplus - Health Information Service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health - The U.S. Government Source for Women's Health Information
  PubMed - A service of the National Library of Medicine, provides access to over 12 million MEDLINE citations back to the mid-1960's and additional life science journals. (U.S.)
  Travelers' Health - from National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)

Business  Portals

  Keells  Super - Send Supermarket goods to your loved ones in Sri Lanka within the specified delivery area. Delivery Charge :
SL Rs. 250 (US $ 2.60) only per Order
  Avakasakade   Kapruka
  Pizza  Hut
  LankaFood   UrbanLiving   ODEL   Lanka  On-Line
  J  K  Office  Automation
  VIP   MySriLanka
  Sri  Lanka  Web  Server

  National  Water  Supply  and  Drainage  Board  (Sri  Lanka)
Pay Online Your Water Bill

SriLanka  Trade Portal  from EDB

Sri  Lanka  Trade  Information
Network - TradeNet

SME  Portal
From The Federation of Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Sri Lanka (SME)

South  Asia  Gateway  Terminals
(Pvt)  Ltd  (SAGT)
=  In  the  Port  of  Colombo  =

JobsNet (a Lankan Gov. website)
An  interface  between  the  key
stakeholders  in  the  employment
and  labour  market - Jobseekers,
Employers  &  Training  Institutions

for  Job  Seekers

Lanka  Jewels
Web Portal for the Jewellery, Gemstone and Diamond Industry in Sri Lanka by The National Gem and Jewellery Association of Sri Lanka
Sell your car Faster , Easy ... Reach thousands of local / international
car buyers over the net


Sri  Lankan  Web  Directories


Add  Your  Sri  Lankan
Business  Link  To

Amarasara  Lanka  Business  Web

----- Over  870  Links

  DLPL  e - Yellow  Pages
  CDL  Sri  Lanka  Yellow  Pages
  SriLanka’s  Directory  of  Exporters
  Sri  Lanka  Web  Directory
  e Business  Hub - Web  Directory
  Lakdora  Web  Site  Index
  Sri  Lanka  Reference - Web  Direc. - Web  Direc. - Sri  Lanka  Search  Engine
  Lanka  Business  Web - Web  Directory
  Kompass  Sri  Lanka  Search  Page - Web  Directory
  Sri  Lankan  Professionals  Web  D.
  Lanka  Link  Web  Directory
  Lanka  Web  Directory  .com - Business Directory with Maps
  SLTNet Business Web Directory
  SLT eRAINBOW Classified Directory  for  Happenings

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Pic. Gallery


My Yahoo

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TypingMaster 2002 - V 6.20

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Software  Installation  Page

A Mysterious Program from Microsoft
Load QM
Reduces System Performance of your WinMe Computer


Hardware  Installation  Page

Building  a  PC
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Weather  >  Sri  Lanka

  AccuWeather  15  Day  Forecasts (and  also
Hourly  Forecasts)  :  [Colombo]  [Other  Cities]
  Satellite  Images  From  :
[AccuWeather - India]  [AccuWeather - Asia]
[Dundee]  [Insat  India]  [US  Navy]  [US N. - India]
  Joint  Typhoon  Warning  Center  (US  Navy)
  Naval  Pacific  Meteorology  and
Oceanography  Center  (US  Navy)
  Department  of  Meteorology  -  Sri  Lanka

Earthquake  Data  Sites

Latitudes & Longitudes of most Towns and Villages in the entire world (over 2 million places!) from Heavens-Above Web Site

Latitudes & Longitudes of Sri Lankan Towns



Exchange  Rates  &  Stock  Exchange

  Central Bank of SL - Daily Exchange Rates
  Amarasara  Currency  Converter
  x-rates - Exchange Rates Table for SL Rupee
  Colombo  Stock  Exchange  (Official  Website)
  Lanka  On-Line  StockNet
Real-time data & quotes from Col. Stock Exchange

Banks  In  Sri  Lanka

The List of Holidays in Srilanka - 2005
& Revised Gov. School Calendar - 2005

The  World  Time  Server  (Lanka  Time)



World  News

  VOA  Radio   BBC  Radio
World  News  Headlines
  Google  Web  Directory  >  World  News
  Newspapers  >  USA  and  Worldwide

Today  In  World  History

Your  essential  guide  to  the  United  Kingdom



Buddha  Dhamma

  Sadaham  Sithuvili  (Sinhala)
  Random  Verses  from  Dhammapada

Not  to  do  any  evil  (- Seela)

To  cultivate  good  (- Samadhi)

To  purify  one's  own  mind  (- Panna)  :

This  is  the  teaching  of  the  Buddhas.

  Sinhala  Dhamma-pa-the-ya  (Sinhala)
  Bodu  Gee  Mihira  (Sinhala)
  Pirith  Mandapaya  (Sinhala)
  Pirith  from  "Sinhala  Juke  Box"
  Pirith from (MP3 Files) :
[ Three  Refuges  &  Five  Precepts  - 1,102 KB ]
[ Homage  To  Triple  Gem  - 1,012 KB ]
[ Recitation  For  Offerings  - 1,185 KB ]
[ Mangala  Sutta  - 2,012 KB ]
[ Rathana  Sutta  - 3,507 KB ]
[ Karaneeya  Metta  Sutta  - 1,639 KB ]
  Sri  Lankave  Bodu  Pudabim  Seyaroo  (Sin.)
  Reincarnation  ~  Punarbhavaya
  02.06.2004 - Poson Full Moon Poya > Articles

Theravada  Buddhist  Centres  &  Info.n

Sinhala  Bana  (&  Geetha)
(Audio)  from  Savanata-Sisilasa

[ WEB ]



Food  Recipes

  Some  Popular  Food  Recipes134  Recipes
  Indian  Food  Recipes65  Recipes
  Malini's  kitchen
A  collection  of  Sri  Lankan  Food  Recipes
  AsiaRecipe.Com  >  Sri  Lanka
[Main Dishes]  [Vegetarian]  [Sauces]  [Desserts]


Photo  Albums  &  Art  Galleries

  Amarasara  Photo  Album  (Sri  Lanka)
  Amarasara  Lanka  Art  Gallery
  Images  of  Asia  by  Dominic  Sansoni
  MySrilanka  Photo  Gallery
  The  Photo  Gallery  from  the  Ministry  of
Buddha  Sasana,  Sri  Lanka
  Art  Sri  Lanka  (from  Serendib  Gallery)
  The  Heritage  of  Buddhist  Paintings  of
Sri  Lanka

  Photography  Portfolio - Discover central and northern Europe through this gallery of 86 beautiful pictures.


Cricket  >  Sri  Lanka

  The Official Home of Sri Lankan Cricket
hosted  by
  TheWicket   Cricket365   Thatscricket
  Cricketnext   Icricketer   Cricmania  -  (A  Sinhala  Website)
  HOPE - Join  the  Sri  Lanka  Cricket  Team
to  give  hope  to  Cancer  Victims  -  Athletics,  Basketball,
Cricket,  Football,  Golf,  Motor  Sports,  Netball,
Rugby,  Swimming,  Tennis,  Volleyball  -  in  Lanka


Telephone,  Internet,  Email  &
Postal  Services  in  Sri  Lanka

Dial  119  for  emergency (in  Sri  Lanka)
An emergency telephone number 119 has been introduced by the Law and Order and Public Security Ministry for the public to inform of any emergency situation. This number is common for any type of phone, mobile or other.

  Emergency  Telephone  Numbers  (SLT)
  Police  Emergency  Services
  Sri  Lanka  Telecom
  SLT  Net  -  The  Largest  &  the  Best  Internet
Service  Provider  in  Sri  Lanka

SLTNet  Web  Mail  Help

  T. Ph. Bill & Internet   Slt-net Notice Board
  What's New ?   Dialup
  Usage Meter   Prepaid
  FAQ - General   FAQ - Technical
  E-mail  to  Fax  -  Send  Fax  to  the  World
from  your  SLT  Net  E-mail  Account
  SLT  Introduces  ADSL  (First  in  South  Asia)
  An  Unofficial  Web  Page  about  SLT  ADSL
from  Amarasara
  SLT Internet Services Restored After Cable Cut (02-09-2004)
  ISDN  Tutorial
  Mind  Your  E-mail  Manners
Replying  to  spam  (unsolicited)  email  can
actually  cause  you  to  receive  more  spam
  Tips  for  Reducing  and  Managing
Junk  E-Mail  (-  from  Microsoft)

  Telephone  Directories  :
--  [ .SLT. ] --- [ SUNTEL ] --- [ LANKA  BELL ]
  10  Digit  Numbering  Plan  for  Telephones
in  Sri  Lanka
  - Comprehensive Implementation
Schedule (Date-wise) (36 KB - PDF File)
  10  Digit  Numbering  Plan (- from SLT -)
  [ Download ] : New 10 Digit Phone Number Generator Software from the Telecom.s Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) Web Site (124 KB)

  Sri  Lanka  Postal  Service
  Post-Code  Directory  from  Amarasara
  World  Telephone  Numbering  Guide
  Internet  Phone  Services  (Worldwide)
  Send  Sinhala  E-mails  :
[ Kapruka ] -  [ Dialog GSM ] -  [ Lankachitchat ]

E - Cards =>

Lanka  World

USA Greetings




Airlines  and  Airports

  SriLankan  Airlines
  International  Airlines  (Official  Websites)

  Search  For  Flights
Between  Any  Two  Cities
Airport  Codes

  Colombo  International  Airport,  Sri  Lanka
  Flight  Time  Table  -  Arrivals  &  Departures  -  Colombo  International  Airport
  Airports  of  the  World  (Official  Websites)

Courier  Services  -  Package  Tracking



Governmental  Organizations,
Banks,  Universities,  Colleges,
NGOs  (Over  300  Links)

  The  Official  Website  of  the  Government
of  Sri  Lanka
  Department  of  Examinations  -  Sri  Lanka
  Depart.  of  Government  Printing,  Srilanka
For Gov. : Gazettes - Acts - Bills - Forms - News
  Government  Gazette - Sri  Lanka
(Sinhala , Tamil)  (from  Lake  House)
  Sri  Lanka  Police - Restructured  Website
launched  on  05  May  2003
  Sri  Lanka  General  Election  2004
  Local  Authorities Elections - 2002 - Results
  Sri  Lanka  General  Election  2001
  Depart. of Immigration & Emigration, S L
Travel  Documents,  Visas,  Dual  Citizenship,
Birth Registration & To Download Applicat.n Forms
  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs  -  Sri  Lanka
  Foreign  Embassies,  High  Commissions,
Consulates  &  other  Representatives  in  S L
  More  ...
Directory  &  Search  Engine  of
the  World's  Embassies  &  Consulates

United  States  Visas  .gov



Travel  Portals  >  Sri  Lanka
Sri Lanka Tourism - Bounce Back Sri Lanka News
  Welcome  To  Sri  Lanka  by  Ari  Withanage
for  Sri  Lankan  Heritage,  Values  &  Views
Your  Travel  Solution  in  Sri  Lanka
A  Travel  Portal  of  Sri  Lanka
  Trip  to  Sri  Lanka
Sri  Lanka  Travel  Directory
  Time  Travel  Lanka  (Pvt)  Ltd
  Prime  Destinations  By  Hemas  Travels  (Pte)  Ltd

Tourist  Police  -  Sri  Lanka

Railway  Schedule  -  Sri  Lanka



<<<  For  Kids  >>

Wonder World

Kids  Page



Have  a  look  !
Here  are  some  Optical  Illusions

  Kids  Search  Engines :
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  NASA   NASA's  Visible  Earth
  Do  It  Yourself   Ask  the  Experts
  Homework  Helper  for  Students
  Learn  How  Everything  Works
  How  to  do  just  about  Everything
  MSN - Encarta  for  Learning  &  Research
  GCE  (O/L  &  A/L)  Past  Exam  Papers
of  Department  of  Examinations  of  Sri  Lanka
How  to  Download  a  (PDF)  File  :  Right  Click
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")  and  select "  Save  Target  As ... " - Srilankan  Education  Portal
  Distance  Learning  Centre  (DLC) - Srilanka - The  best  place  to  sell,  find  and  request  books  in  Sri  Lanka.
To Search Books at Barefoot, Bookland, Buddhist Cultural Centre, Jeya Book Centre, Expographic (Pvt.) Limited, Lexicon, M. D. Gunasena, Poobalasingham, Robert Agencies, Sarasavi, Taprobane, Vijitha Yapa.
  Bibliomania  -  For  Read,  Study,  Research
&  Shop  Books  online

Tip  : Use  Mouse  to  select  Text  (in  each  page)
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Special  Sri  Lankan  Web  Sites
Sri  Lanka's  First  Wedding  Portal
Online  Wedding  Planner  for  All  Sri  Lankans
Total Wedding Solution at a Glance (in Sri Lanka)
  Friendship  &  Marriage
by  The  Island  and  Divaina.  Add  Your  Profile
for  Matrimonial  /  Friendship  /  E-Pal
  Lanka_Teen  Chat

  Return  To  Sri  Lanka
To keep Sri Lankans abroad abreast of what is happening back home and to lure the immense talents and capacity of them
Sri Lanka's first construction portal designed to cater to the Sri Lankan and International community to build their dream home in this paradise island
The leading destination for Homeowners, Contractors, Service Professionals, and anyone involved in building, construction and home improvement in Sri Lanka
  CF Automart
Your best choice for buying and selling cars, vans, other vehicles, spares and services in Sri Lanka
  The  History  of  Ceylon  Tea


Articles  published  in
Sri  Lanka  about  ICT
by  Chanuka  Wattegama

  Taking  ICT  to  the  farmers  and  fishermen
  What  can  Computers  do  for  the  Poor ?
  Challenge  of  building  Punchi  Singho's
'e-Sri Lanka'
  Kolombata - Internet ; Gamata - Kekirinet ?


New  Web  Sites  >  Sri  Lanka

  Mr. S B Dissanayake
  National Council for Administration (NCA)
  Bellanwila Rajamaha Vihara
  The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
  Sri Lanka Navy - Website by The British Council, Sri Lanka
  Sabaragamuwa  Development  Bank
  National Housing Development Authority
  Salon Nayana
  TradeMap Sri Lanka
  The University Teachers for Peace and Democracy (UTPD)
  Sri Lanka Government Web Portal
  Sri  Lanka  Mysteries
  Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka
  Pride of Sri Lanka - Muttiah Muralitharan
  Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa - The Hon. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
  The  President's  Fund
  Sri  Lanka  Tourist  Board
  Thurstan  College  -  Colombo
  Auditor-General's  Department  of  Sri  Lanka
  Lions  Clubs  International  District  306C  Sri  Lanka




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KickKeys : offers a complete language solution through Transliteration (type-as-you-pronounce). With it you can write a foreign language ( eg : Sinhala , Tamil ) using the regular computer keyboard without memorizing difficult key sequences. Kickkeys allows you to specify your own key mapping, change existing ones, use any font you like and, to top it all, it allows you to use these features on WordPad, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel,Frontpage, Powerpoint, Publisher, PhotoShop, PageMaker, CorelDraw, etc. (But NOT with WordPad when using Sinhala Fonts). To use Sinhala Font(s), first you have to create the KDF file(s) related to that font(s) (- not a difficult task). To "Trap" an opened program, double-click the KickKeys icon in the System Tray. KickKeys can be installed to WinXP PCs. ( Price : US$ 19.95 )
Download : 30 day trial version of KickKeys 6.0 (2092 KB)

FREE (- from Amarasara) :
Download KDF File for "Sinhala DL" Fonts (DL-Paras, DL-Ridhma, DL-ice etc.) ( - 1 KB Zip File) => [ Download ]

Unzip "" => Close "KickKeys" => Copy "Sinhala-DL.kdf" to the folder "C:\Program Files\KickKeys" => Open "KickKeys" => Right-click KickKeys icon in the System Tray and Select "Sinhala-DL" as Key Definition File.
FREE (- from Amarasara) : Type "Sinhala DL" Fonts using KaputaDotCom Keyboard.
Download KDF File : ( 1 KB Zip File) => [ Download ]

[ ] - Unicode Compatible Fonts for Sinhala and Tamil
Mulma Unicode Sinhala Web Adaviya Siluminen => [More- 175 KB PDF File]

Sinhala letters from rock inscripts to the computer - by Donald Gaminitillake = >
Donald, fighting to find a slot - By Gamini Akmeemana
(25.12.2004 - Daily Mirror)



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